9000 miles away I was thinking the same thing …”I don’t belong here”. I was shocked at my own thoughts. I never belonged at my own birthplace, how could I have ever belonged in a country 9000 miles away from my family. It was my mind talking to me, supporting my negative thoughts, finding excuses for not changing my habits. Its okay if you don’t do good, Its okay if you don’t get along with anyone, its okay if you stay who you are.. you don’t have to change now, you don’t have to change right here- you do not belong here, you belong somewhere else. In past, I accepted it quietly, but not now. I flew 9000 miles,  just to ‘belong’. I am not going to take any more crap from my mind. So I asked the question- then where do I belong. I know my mind did not have any answer. The only answer it could give me was- somewhere and I was not going to accept that. I realized the fact of life after coming this far, after leaving every known faces. I belong everywhere if I want to. There is no such thing as ‘not fitting in’. Nature does not play games. Our mind does.