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What is your purpose?

Remember the essay we used to write ‘aim in life’? Our parents were more busy getting us to write the perfect essay for a better grade than to learn the inner meaning. When anyone opens or finds an organization, they come up with the vision and mission for the company. On my internship, I remember how on the very first day the company taught us about their vision and mission. Even when we are interviewing, they ask us – where do you see yourself in next 5 years? We were all probably taught to answer that question such as ‘I want to see myself in a managerial position’. While that is humorous enough, a horror stands in front of us. We were never taught to have our vision and mission. We were taught numerous different things. Walk, talk, laugh, fight, drive, study, cook etc…etc…etc… But nobody ever told us to have a vision for our own. If you ever try to do a google search for a vision, mission, value statements – these words will always come with either organization or a job. Finding the answer of ‘why’ is the easiest way to know the goal. Do you know why most of the people have low grades in math, simply because they have no clue what they are going to do with calculus in real life? I remember not enjoying classes when I did not know why I was learning that. So, the first and foremost step of all jobs in the world is to find the purpose – why? Why are you doing whatever you are doing? What is your purpose in life? If you know the answer, you are already in the right path. You are already doing what you should do. Now if you do not know that answer, you are in the right path too. But you are far behind than the first person. Knowing our own purpose is not easy. It’s probably the most difficult thing to do in life. But it is necessary. Your thoughts, habits, decisions will always depend on that ‘why’. So take 5 minutes today. Try to find that purpose. It will help you achieve the aim in life.


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